Michael Seward Sutton
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Multicast broadcast booking Beta development - IAM.NET.NZ

AWACS Communications (NZ) Ltd, The Dominion Observatory,  34 Salamanca Road,
P.O. Box 28-010, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand
Member of the Telecommunications Carriers Forum


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 Councillor InternetNZ 2003-2006 2006-2007
Elected 14th July 2003 - June 16th 2007

Anysource Multicast

Feasability Report

Chairman of InternetNZ ENUM Taskforce 2004-2006
InternetNZ Resource Site
ENUM is an Internet Naming Service that maps existing telephone numbers in to the Internet Domain Name Service enabling you to attach other telephone services as well as email, web addresses, mms, sms and other services.  In this way you will be able to provide your associates with a single number as a business card point of contact.


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Mco Trial Proposal


3rd Asian Pacific Health Quality ForumAUCKLAND


2001Race Video - July 30-31st 2002

Race Video
Click to watch 2002 intro to the HP50k in Queenstown
I was prime Internet video streaming architect and server provider to Hewlett Packard for the Compaq50K and HP50k 2001 and 2002

Awacs Business Products - ClickMe
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Prototype multicast NASA Television in New Zealand

New Systems Champion

Responsible for:

1996 - May31st 2001 Establish Internet Broadcasting Operations for New Zealand:
Radio New Zealand (Public Broadcaster) 16kbs (Launched March 1997)
[ Propose95, Design96, Fund, Launch97 ]
Radio New Zealand Internet Audio Site 1996-2001

September 1997 - August 2002 - BBC World (Satellite Video News and Information) 34kbs - Live & 168 hour rolling archive (Launched 1998) 
[ Propose1997, Design, Fund, Prototype1997, Launch98, conclude2002 ]
BBC World (1998-2002)

Hosting Out-Source Supplier & Integrator to Telecom XtraMSN:

Windows Media Server
Kiwi Music Channel (22kbs)
International Pop Music Channel (22kbs)
Radio New Zealand (20kbs)

IMAX Cinema trailers (300kbs)
Mainstream Cinema Feature trailers (300kbs)

Broadband 300kbs Windows Media Video

II Die IV - Fashion Parade
II Die IV NZ fashion and dance

Broadband 300kbs Windows Media Video

Extreme Machines
BBC World - Specials

Host and Integrator:
Real Video pop-up

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corporate video hosting 2000

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The New Zealand Edge


Member of the New Zealand Writers Guild:




+64 21 305500 mobile voice


United States &

New Zealand Patent Holder



In Edinburgh, Scotland, 2000, I was inducted   by AIESEC International into the inaugural Alumni Hall of Fame along with 24 others who had been members of the Organization since 1948.  This was in recognition of the work I had been involved with since the late 1970s. Bio

Aiesec Alumni - September 2000

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Link to AIESEC Alumni International .NET

Aiesec Alumni


Let's make our knowledge become tomorrow's reality....
Concept, Patent, Design, Fund, Prototype, Partner
Develop low cost handheld Organizer/Communicators  with Radio Data Messaging
PSION Platform
Wellington, New Zealand
(enhanced version of 1988) 

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Geoff Robinson - Radio New Zealand

Technology Transfer Working Group - 1990 Global Conference - preparatory Rio Earth Summit
Chiba - Tokyo- Japan

Champion Digital Data Broadcasting
Lotus (eSignal), PSION, Todd Corp, ICCH, BCNZ, ABC, RNZ, TVNZ.
New Zealand - Australia

Awacs Product Test
NRB & PA Consulting
Watch Video
Geoff Robinson - Radio New Zealand

AWACS (NZ) Ltd established

R&D director MM & FX dealing Room software systems
Wellington, New Zealand

Advance Warning Analytical Communication Systems
Private/PC based early warning system
Product Development Specification

3M (Europe) MIS
Management Problem Solving Specialist
Zurich, Switzerland

AIESEC International Secretariat computer network specialist
Brussels, Belgium

New Zealand High Commission
Horticultural Market Intelligence
London, United Kingdom

Congress Convenor
AIESEC 8th Asian Congress
Nelson, New Zealand

Victoria University
Studied BCA Major Commerce Administration

Member of establishment Committee
AIESEC Victoria
Wellington, New Zealand

Study ACA
Nelson Polytechnic
Establish Students Association
Negotiate Bursary Rights for full time students
Win National Polytechnic Sports Tournament

Nelson College
Nelson, New Zealand

Christs College
Christchurch, New Zealand


Call +64 21 305500

P.O. Box 28-010 Kelburn Wellington New Zealand